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supplemented: 2008-09-24

Abstracts of gentiana.pl ( .pdf type)

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The 14-th FESPB Congress Book of abstracts - title page

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Somatic embryogenesis of Gentiana genus
III. Charakterization of three-year-old embryogenic suspension of G. pannonica originated from various seedling explants.

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Somatic embryogenesis of Gentiana genus
I. The effect of preculture treatment and primary explant origin on somatic embryogenesis of Gentiana cruciata (L.),G. pannonica (Scop.), and G. tibetica (King)

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Plant regeneration system in protoplast culture of Gentiana genus

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Ultrastructural analysis of initial stages of dedifferentiation of root explants of Gentiana cruciata seedlings.

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TTC test funcionality in evaluation of surviving of Gentiana PEM after cryopreservation

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Somatic embryogenesis of Gentiana genus
scanning and ultrastructural analysis of early stages of somatic embryogenesis in liquid medium.

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Krioprezerwacja zawiesin komórkowych wybranych gatunków z rodzaju Gentiana.

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Photosyntetic activity of in vitro cultured Gentiana kurroo on medium with different sucrose concentrations

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Gentiana kurroo (Royle)w kulturach in vitro

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In virto culture of Gentiana kurroo.

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The cryopreservation of cell suspension of seletted species of Gentiana taxa

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